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Simon & Kylie Schooley

"Rocky Springs" Munduberra, QLD

"Our Business is a family operation, our scale is a limiting factor, so it was obvious to Simon & I that we needed to hit the benchmarks in all parts of our operation. OLM have been very important to our marketing successes. We contracted OLM after I saw Andrew Wilkie speak at a Beefup Forum in Mundubbera several years ago. I was attracted to the idea of marketing advice that had no commercial bias. Here in the North Burnett, this service was unique.

It is hard to say what has been the most valuable. Andrew & Danny have both bought bulls and cows that have fitted very well into our business. We can now class our own fat cattle with complete accuracy and have set our kill sheet goals, all with  Andrew’s  practical knowledge and business guidance. OLM always find the best market for our feeder cattle, and look after our custom feedlot business as well.  It is a complete marketing package underpinned by a depth of knowledge that Andrew & Danny are both happy to share.

Perhaps best of all, OLM are always friendly and helpful and completely contactable. I like the fact they are a family company always questioning their own existence, striving to deliver excellence and  adjusting to changing situations. Something we must all aim for to match our liquid global landscape." 


Will and Linda Cannington

Back Creek Dorper Stud, Narrabri, NSW.

“I consider OLM to be the marketing arm of our operation which enables us to focus on our business. Danny Wilkie always knows exactly what stock we have on hand at any given time and if an opportunity comes up for any class of stock, he will make us aware straight away. Both Danny and Andrew are actively seeking new markets all the time and I think the value of that has really been highlighted in the sheep-meat market over the past few years. OLM have also been running our annual on-property ram sale since 2009. They are very cost effective, particularly given the high level of service they provide”


For more information on Back Creek White Dorper Stud visit www.backcreek.com.au

Malcolm & Judy Donaldson

Boggabri, NSW

“With our previous agent, things started out O.K. However, over a couple of years we felt more like a number on a list and very taken for granted. There was very little advice apart from a bit of "agent speak" or service to reflect the generous commissions being charged, so we moved our business to OLM. 

We switched from using a conventional agent to using the services of Danny, Janelle, Andrew and Vanessa Wilkie who make up the Objective Livestock Marketing team. That was 11 years ago and what a difference it has been. 

OLM provides us with a personal and professional marketing service on a fixed price per head fee structure. There are regular newsletters and website updates on markets, trends, and sound personal and at times frank advice, during difficult seasons and difficult marketing scenarios.

Above all we are consistently achieving a maximum return for our cattle and always ahead of the saleyard system. We know that our interests are being well served and we continue to enjoy the friendship and services of OLM, where a personal interest is taken in our business."

"OLM is definitely a cut above the rest”  


Tony and Di Selby

 Goondiwindi QLD

“When we first became OLM clients we wanted to change from breeding to backgrounding cattle. OLM’s Andrew Wilkie was very good at guiding us through this process. We now mainly supply Coles through a contract OLM has with ACC (Australian Country Choice) and OLM manage the supply chain very well. We have a very good working relationship with OLM – we keep in touch on a regular basis so OLM knows exactly what cattle we have on, when they will be ready for marketing and what the various options are. There is a fair amount of flexibility in the program which helps us adjust stocking rates through changing seasons. OLM charges a flat rate per head for all stock marketed which generally works in our favour compared to a commission.”

Sonia Border

Goondiwindi QLD

“We have been using OLM to market our cattle since 1992. OLM have proved to be very helpful, know our business well and always seem to be able to find the best market possible for the stock we have available. Danny Wilkie encouraged us to enter the EU market when it opened and this has proved to be a successful move. OLM’s monthly newsletter keeps us to-date with prices and gives us insight into market trends.”