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OLM was passionate about the benefits of group marketing and forged strong ties to several successful beef marketing groups during the last 1990’s and early 2000’s. We firmly believed that tangible benefits could be delivered to producers who embraced group marketing and participated in an integrated and managed beef supply chain.

Even though these marketing groups have since finished operating, the lessons learned by individual producers have enabled new supply chains to be developed.

OLM was the major marketing coordinator for the northern NSW-based Double B Beef Group and the Border Beef Group which is based around the Goondiwindi region. A brief history and goals of each group are listed below.


The Border Beef Group

The Border Beef Marketing Cooperative was formed in early 1996 after a group of like-minded producers met in the Queensland boarder town of Goondiwindi to discuss ways of cooperating more closely. The group of OLM clients initially

canvassed ideas about how to coordinate marketing activities in order to improve their collective marketing performance.

The 17 beef producing businesses present at the first meeting resolved to form the Border Beef marketing alliance with the aims of improving the profitability of the group’s members by providing a reliable and high quality supply of beef into the marketplace. Each alliance member committed to supply specified numbers of cattle into the alliance at agreed specifications and OLM were employed to ensure market compliance within the group.

All members committed to paying an annual membership fee and a per head levy on stock marketed through the group. Boggabilla based Border Beef member Richard Doyle believes this initial commitment from Border Beef members was one of the most critical factors in the success of the alliance. He said members committed to supplying cattle, despite not knowing what the seasonal or environmental conditions would be at that time. “Commitment to the alliance is really one of the most crucial factors and what we have seen in the Border Beef group is people who have gone to amazing lengths to meet their commitments,” he said. “People have put cattle into feedlots, sought agistment and even bought cattle in just to meet their requirements for the group. They have done that because they are ultimately committed to the objectives of the organisation.”

Over the past decade, the Border Beef Group has enjoyed outstanding success in group marketing through shared information, aggregation of sale cattle and a commitment to innovation within the beef supply chain.

The Double B Beef Group

The Double B Beef Group was formed in 1984 and has focused on a number of initiatives to promote the beef industry in the Bingara/Barraba region of northern NSW. Objective Livestock Marketing has a long association with the Double B Group, becoming the group’s marketer in 1995. The relationship between OLM and Double B has continued to strengthen and grow over the past decade as group members embrace the concept of being part of an integrated and managed beef supply chain.

There are currently 42 beef producers involved in the Double B Group and more than half of these businesses choose to sell cattle through Objective Livestock Marketing. These producers enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

  • The negotiating power of numbers as part of a large producer membership
  • Access to a wide range of markets – feedlot, grower & processor
  • Immediate access to direct consignment grid prices
  • Objective assessment of cattle to maximise value, and meet specifications
  • Planned turnoff and delivery program
  • Favorable trading terms, and preference to selective markets & freight efficiency
  • Access to the AUCTIONS PLUS auction system
  • Amalgamation of smaller lots to capitalise on best markets
  • Attractive, negotiated freight arrangements
  • Del credere Insurance guaranteeing payment
  • The ability to source restocker cattle from like minded producers
  • Analysis of animal performance

The Double B Group also offers members an opportunity to socialise and interact with like minded producers. Members receive a monthly newsletter full of timely, focused industry information on markets and group activities. Members are also encouraged to attend Double B field days, training workshops and industry tours. Past topics have included risk management, drought management, low stress stock handling, pasture management, supplementary feeding and nutrition, composite cattle breeding, meat quality and Meat Standards Australia.